Why Mogaland?

Problem statement and solution
Mogaland is the only Metaverse game with the goal of promoting financial literacy.
Mogaland provides the only tokenomy where values of crypto-assets are directly link to financial literacy achieved.
Financial literacy is a universally essential skill for people and there is a strong need to increase its prevalence. Mogaland is the novel solution that combines video games and blockchain to address mass learning of financial literacy.
More traditional means for addressing financial literacy learning include in-person classes or online courses, newer means include social media platforms like Reddit or financial trading apps that claim to have educational aspects. Traditional classroom settings can present several access barriers. In order to study finance at an official institution, a person would usually need to pass difficult and costly entrance exams, which ultimately excludes those from low-income groups or disadvantaged backgrounds: those who are most in need of learning.
Casual online ‘self-help’ courses are more readily accessible but often have a prerequisite in terms of knowledge. It’s not easy to help yourself learn if you have never had any exposure to even the basic concepts. Social engagement platforms offer community learning, but they don’t provide any validation. There is no way to tell if the skills you pick up from peers and forums are useful or if you truly understand what you are learning. This could present a highly risky scenario if you decide to test your knowledge directly on a live trading app without having a full understanding of what you’re doing.
Being not only a game, but also an ecosystem, Mogaland combines existing financial engagement concepts with what is missing to offer a ‘one-stop-shop’ for acquiring real financial skills, validating learning through incremental gameplay and rewarding skilled behaviour. Players can visit the ecosystem village in Mogaland to connect with real, quality financial education & information providers.
In Mogaland, players can acquire basic financial knowledge through playing, earn rewards for their learning effort and spend those rewards directly within the ecosystem to further boost their financial literacy. Finally, by combining learning with blockchain and Web3 technologies, Mogaland empowers players with knowledge and the possibility to invest in their own financial literacy.