Mogaland Alpha - Financial Edutainment World

Live on Apple and Google app stores since late Oct 2023

Mogaland Alpha offers the following core activities:

  • Overworld navigation

  • Financial edutainment mini-games:

    1. Platform: Chart Rider

    2. Financial-market live tournament

  • Dynamic resources:

    1. Gear system

  • Character customization

  • Exploring Web3 and financial education partnerships

User Journey

1. Play mini-games to collect & upgrade

Engaging in the mini games within Mogaland yields valuable in-game rewards that include gears, Gold and XP.

- Gold -

In mini games, learners can win or lose Gold dependent on their performances. Learners can activate boosters by spending Gold or watching reward ads when they run out of health points, need time-pressure relief or want to speed up waiting time.

Gold is also employed to access live market tournaments in the Arena.

- XP -

Accumulating XP empowers you to level up, bolstering your HP and overall capabilities.

- Gears -

Learners win dynamic gears to upgrade their stats and customize appearances. High stats gears enhance learner's abilities in the mini games. Gears can be traded for Gold.

Learners also have to actively manage their gear inventory as slots are limited.

2. Climbing the chest meter in mini games

Learner's performance in each mini game directly impacts your progress on the chest meter. The chest meter reflects your achievements and indicates your level of success within the mini game. The better you perform, the higher you climb on the chest meter.

The chest meter consists of three distinct levels, each representing a tier of achievement:

  • Basic Chest: This is the initial level, showcasing your efforts in the mini game.

  • Medium Chest: Progressing further, you reach the intermediate level, signifying better performance.

  • Advanced Chest: The pinnacle of achievement, the advanced chest represents exceptional skill and mastery in the mini game.

Upon completing the mini game, your achieved level on the chest meter determines the quality of your rewards. The higher the level of chest you attain, the more substantial and valuable your rewards will be.

3. Compete in live financial market tournaments

In Alpha, Mogaland offers one style of tournament centered around live financial market analysis and price prediction mechanisms, similar to fantasy sports. Leanrers win in-game rewards as well as sponsored prizes from web3 & financial education partners such as tokens, NFTs and vouchers for e-learning platform.

Find out more here.

4. Exploring Web3 and Financial Education Partnership

In Mogaland, learners seamlessly access the product and services offered by web3 and financial education partners by visiting their dedicated buildings. These partners actively contribute to the Treasure Cave Quiz, engagement events, and sponsor prizes, enriching the learning experience for all participants.

USP: Connection with Real / Live Financial Market

Mini games integrate with live financial market data and connect learners to real-world personal financial scenarios for an immersive learning adventure. Whether for a seasoned finance pro or a curious beginner, our fun gameplays ensure everyone can get in touch with the thrill of financial markets without risking hard-earned savings.

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