By excelling in the various financial edutainment mini-games, learners are awarded scrolls (of wisdom) of different rarities. The better the learners' performance, the higher their chances are at earning scrolls with higher rarities.

These scrolls serve as a critical element for the growth and evolution of their guardians, each endowed with unique attributes and financial stats.

Scrolls and Their Impact

Improved Financial Skills

Training guardians with higher rarity scrolls is an indicator of a learner's enhanced financial literacy within Mogaland. It signifies that the learners has progressed enough to earn or afford premium scrolls, reflecting their high competency.

Enhanced Guardian Attributes

  • Mentoring Attractiveness: Premium scrolls boost the abilities and desirability of a guardian in training and mentoring.

  • Advantages: As guardians consume rarer scrolls, their stats improve. This not only makes them perform better in existing mini-games, leading to more successful outcomes & winnings, but also more equipped to handle of future challenges.

Other Benefits

Better guardian attributes, in turn, elevate other utilities and rewards, such as:

  • Creating a guardian that can generate resource earnings,

  • Gaining exclusive accesses, and

  • Unlocking higher $MOGA staking reward levels.

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