Guardians are the citizens of Mogaland. During the escalations and the rise of captain Bearbossa, the guardians protected the Tree of Wisdom as good as they can. Training and evolving them, will be the key to win future battles and improve everyone's financial literacy.

Every season, learners will receive a seasonal guardian.

Guardian development, from digital asset to minting NFTs, will become the underlying motivation that drives the overarching economic flow of Mogaland.

Learners continuously overcome mini-game challenges to earn scrolls of wisdom and level up their guardian(s). At a certain level, guardians can be minted into NFTs and become tradable. Learners also have the option to get guardian NFTs in the following ways:

  1. Purchase directly from Mogaland,

  2. Purchase from other guardian NFT owners through 3rd party NFT marketplaces

  3. Earn as reward

Each guardian comes with several attributes and financial stats. Teaching higher rarity scrolls not only reflects improved financial skills of the player, but also improves attributes that will raise mentoring attractiveness and stats.

Attribute Rarity

Guardians have eight visual attributes which they unlock during the leveling. At start all guardians look the same, but similar to human beings, they all have their own path of development.

Scrolls of wisdom are key to develop their attributes. As the scrolls come in different rarities (from common to legendary), also the guardian attributes will evolve their rarity.

Within the same season there is a pool of different visuals per rarity which results in lots of different and unique guardians for all players.

The visual attributes are:

  • Head

  • Ears

  • Eyes

  • Tail

  • Bodycolor

  • Pattern

  • Weapon

  • Attachments

The more legendary scrolls are used to teach a guardian, the more legendary it will look like. On top there will be a couple of stat attributes a guardian can get. While the stat is linked to a season, the strength is also influenced by the rarity of scrolls used.

Within the mentoring and training process new unique combinations as well as improvements and even replacements of stats can be done.

Currently planned are up to five stat attributes which consist of a level, a mentoring level and three bonus stats that actively help to shape each guardian's role.

Guardians NFTs Lifecycle

The lifecycle of Guardian NFTs, initially introduced as free playable digital assets, serves as a foundational mechanic shaping the user journey from Beta onward.

  • Grow & mint from free seasonal digital playables OR purchase from NFT marketplace.

  • Increase attractiveness and values with financial skills.

  • Benefit from guardian NFTs' utilities.

Guardian NFT Utilities

Depending on the stats and attributes of each guardian, they may have different utilities.

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