Seasonal Content in Mogaland Beta

Mogaland Beta introduces dynamic seasonal content to engage its community with financial literacy in an interactive format. Each season, themed around a specific financial concept, aims to enrich players' understanding and skills through new activities. Unique events and mini-games developed for each season encourage users to explore different facets of finance in a fun and immersive learning environment.

At a season's commencement, every learner is greeted with a free, non-NFT guardian, symbolizing the start of their seasonal journey. As players participate in various activities and strive to accomplish designated milestones within the season's timeframe, they have the opportunity to evolve these guardians (guardians can be minted to NFTs once reaching certain level). Improving guardian stats is not just for show; it reflects the players' personal growth in financial competency.

Progress is rewarded in Mogaland Beta through an innovative leveling system that operates only for the duration of the season. By reaching specific goals, players can collect a plethora of rewards, sometimes including the possibility of earning an additional free guardian after fulfilling the season's objectives. For the most dedicated players, purchasing a season pass unlocks an array of exclusive rewards, further enhancing the value and excitement of participating in Mogaland Beta's seasonal offerings.

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