In Mogaland's vibrant economy, resources fuel learners' engagement, motivation and define our business model. Ranging from non-tokenized to tokenized assets, these resources are essential to the user experience, designed to facilitate and incentivize the learners transition from web2 to web3 interactions.

Here are some of the key elements:

  • Gold: Primary activity currency in Alpha, obtainable through mini-games and reward ads. It allows learners to buy boosters and unlock event content.

  • XP (Experience Points): Earned by engaging in all Mogaland activities, XP is crucial to obtain season rewards.

  • Scrolls: Key reward from all activities in Mogaland starting Beta, obtainable through mini-games, in-game purchases, and reward ads. Scrolls come in certain rarities and are used to evolve guardian characteristics.

  • Guardians:

    • Learners get a non-tokenized digital guardian at the start of each season.

    • Guardians can be trained and evolved to increase stats and unlock mintability.

    • Once guardians reach a certain level, they can be minted into NFTs, offering mentoring, training and trading opportunities as well as perks such as resource-generation, exclusive access and higher $MOGA staking rewards.

    • Limited collections of guardian NFTs will also be made available in NFT marketplaces for direct purchase and for secondary market trading.

  • Skill Points: Representing proof of skill, these are gained through success in play-to-learn activities, determining ranks, unlocking game features, and granting access to $MOGA rewards.

  • $MOGA Token: This governance token can be purchased from CEX and DEXs or occasionally won in small amounts, used for trading NFTs, in-app payments, staking and voting.

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