$MOGA Token

$MOGA is the first and only token in the world dedicated to fostering financial literacy, establishing an innovative linkage between the growth of financial knowledge and the token's value. In the short run, $MOGA provides financing and incentives for platform & community growth. In the long run, $MOGA facilitates transactional activities within Mogaland and serves as a long-term store of value.

$MOGA plays the following roles:

RoleWho benefits?
  1. Finance platform development, business operations, and legal compliance.

Token holders


  1. Marketing and community building.

Token holders


  1. Financial literacy reward.


  1. Transactional activities within Mogaland

Token holders


  1. Staking & staking rewards

Stakers Token holders


  1. Incentivizing financial literacy

The world


Mogaland has adopted a single fixed-supply token economy.

  • Token name: $MOGA

  • Contract standard: ERC20

  • Maximum Supply: 1,000,000,000

  • Decimal: 18

Rewarding Financial literacy - pioneering a paradigm shift

In Mogaland, there are symbiotic mechanisms designed to simultaneously enhance financial literacy and increase the value of the $MOGA token. Key token governance and monetary strategies include:

  • Initiate token-burning protocols upon attainment of collective financial literacy milestones, thereby ensuring that the advancing financial knowledge of Mogaland learners positively influences the development of the $MOGA token price.

  • Allocate contributions from fiat revenue to the tokenomy, ensuring that Mogaland's business performance positively influences the development of the $MOGA token price.

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