The World of Mogaland

Moga Island

Mogaland is a tropical archipelago. The central island is covered by the mighty Tree of Wisdom. The citizens live in symbiosis with the tree. They take care and protect the tree and in return receive the powerful Fruits of Wisdom.

Tree of Wisdom

The Tree of (financial) Wisdom plays a central role in Mogaland. It's the symbol of financial literacy which is defended by the citizens of Mogaland, called Guardians.

It rarely grants Fruits of Wisdom to reward improved financial wisdom. These fruits ultimately improve the power of Guardians.


Everyone has a role on the island. Regardless if they train, trade or teach things, all citizens also protect the Tree of Wisdom. They are known as Guardians.

They are humanoid animal characters with simple armory.

Main threat to them are the pirates around Cpt. Bearbossa. He's the one searching for unlimited power and therefore constantly tries to steal the Fruits of Wisdom.

Player's Role

Every season, new recruits enter a level where they need to become true Guardians. The players have the fundamental mission to train the Guardians.

Moreover, the players need to take care of the Tree of Wisdom, solve Guardian needs and protect the island.

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