In the future, Mogaland intends for learners to participate in more and more exciting Player vs. Player (PvP) tournaments based on various mini-game mechanics.

Initially, Mogaland offers one style of tournament centered around live financial market analysis and price prediction mechanisms, similar to fantasy sports. The Arena Live-Market Tournament catapults you into the world of trading and portfolio management. Analyze real financial data and live market trends to craft strategic decisions. Here, you'll gain familiarity with different types of assets and refine your trading acumen.

Compete against your fellow Mogalanders in a high-stakes showdown for gold and real-life prizes sponsored by Mogaland's ecosystem partners. The real-life prizes sponsored by our partners include a 1-year subscription to a financial education e-learning platform, investment courses, or vouchers for financial advisory services, books, subscription to exclusive financial knowledge communities and trading credits, the list is constantly growing!

The Arena Live-Market Tournament offers you a taste of the trading arena's challenges, transforming you into a more astute and confident trader without the usual risk of losing your hard earned savings!

In the future, learners can even win $MOGA tokens and NFTs.

Connection to Financial Education

Learners can learn about real financial assets, be directed to useful financial and market information about the assets, and learn how to make price determination decisions without needing to invest real money.


There will be 3 different types of skill-based live market tournaments, all with similar game mechanics but different economies and reward systems.

Type 1 – Mogaland tournaments

With Gold won from the mini games, learners can participate in live market tournaments to practice and/or validate their skills by competing against other learners. Participants of tournament are ranked based on skill points obtained from their performance within the specific tournament. Obtaining a high rank in a Mogaland tournament could lead to winning of Food, Gold and on very rare occasions, NFTs.

Type 2 – Sponsored tournaments

Learners participate in live market tournaments sponsored by Mogaland’s ecosystem partners. The game mechanic is the same as Mogaland tournaments except learners will not need to spend Gold to participate. By obtaining a high rank in a Sponsored tournament, learner can win real-world prizes like subscription to an e-learning platform, subscription to financial publication or credit for trading app.

Type 3 – MOGA-reward community tournaments

When the Mogaland community jointly achieves a skill point level that unlocks $MOGA learning rewards, the governance community can decide to utilize different methods to fairly distribute $MOGA reward to learners. A free-to-enter skill-based tournament would be one of the ways to distribute $MOGA to learners. Learners of all levels have equal opportunity to participate in the tournament and obtain high ranks on the leaderboard and therefore high rewards.

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