Welcome to Mogaland

A Financial Literacy DeFi Game
Mogaland is a mobile game world for improving financial literacy. All gameplays provide either real financial knowledge or live connection to financial markets. By playing, players can intuitively improve their personal finance skills and enjoy the excitement of the real financial market without putting your savings on the line.
Mogaland introduces a unique gaming experience through the combination of popular casual game mechanics, live market data and blockchain technology, creating a truly unique tokenomy where the values of Mogaland's crypto-assets are directly driven by players' financial literacy.
Players are welcomed to an evolving Play-to-Learn game world where they embark on an engaging video game journey to improve their personal finance skills. Players can gradually upgrade their characters and properties with in-game assets like currencies, gear, equipment, and material they collect via playing in different mini games. All the mini games provide either real financial knowledge or a live connection to financial market data; therefore, by playing, players gradually level up in their financial knowledge and skills. Through gameplay, players can learn about essential personal finance concepts including but not limited to trading, investment, saving, lending fintech, crypto and DeFi. Furthermore, players can participate in financial skill-based tournaments to compete against other players to win in-game assets, badges or even products & services from Mogaland’s ecosystem partners.
To fulfil its mission to democratize financial literacy, Mogaland is first and foremost free-to-play. Players can decide the level of monetary engagement they want to have with blockchain game mechanics for unlocking additional cryptocurrency-based in-game tokens: LRN and MOGA.
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