$MOGA Utilities

Use-cases in Mogaland App

$MOGA is a secondary premium currency in Mogaland. It is used to buy additional companions, breed specific characteristics and save time. It’s comparable to GEMS in the game Clash of Clans.

$MOGA is not mandatory for progressing in Mogaland, but if learners want to take their Mogaland experiences to higher heights and reap additional web3 finance benefits, they will need $MOGA.


On the micro-level, learner-by-learner, these are reasons why they might use $MOGA:

βœ… Time-saver

βœ… Convenience-improver

βœ… Progression-booster

βœ… Experience-enhancer

❌ Pay-2-Win

$MOGA can be used to

  • Buy Companion NFTs

  • Make purchases of unique items.

  • Trade Companion NFTs

  • Breed special characteristics for Companion NFTs:

    • Increase chances on specific stats

    • Increase chances on specific visual appearances

    • Protect existing characteristics while breeding

  • Gain access to exclusive features or events.

Other Utilities & Use-Cases

1. Stake to Grow

Staking $MOGA protects and accumulates savings, increases security and yields rewards. It also contributes to the long-term stability and growth of the tokenomy.

2. Rewards for Learning and Community Engagement

Serving as a reward mechanism, $MOGA incentivizes active participation in learning and community activities, thereby bolstering the collective pursuit of financial literacy!

3. Exclusive Community Experiences

$MOGA holders will receive privileged access to a range of platform-specific benefits including airdrops, early previews, experimental prototypes, pre-sales, and more, keeping them at the cutting edge of Mogaland's offerings.

4. Governance and Voting Rights

Holding $MOGA empowers users with governance rights, allowing them to influence the direction and development of the Mogaland, from content approval to feature prioritization.

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