About Mogaland

Enter a captivating realm where financial acumen is your greatest asset. Through engaging in a diverse range of edutainment mini-games designed to enhance learners' interests and foundational knowledge in finance, participants earn various resources. These resources are vital components, often playable, necessary for leveling up, customization, and value creation in and outside of Mogaland.

Learners not only acquire financial education through the mini-games but also develop valuable resource management skills within Mogaland's economy.

Currently, our mini-games feature a wide array of mechanics, including arcade, puzzle, fantasy sports, and platform. Looking ahead, learners can anticipate the introduction of additional mechanics such as match/merge, tower defense, and more, further enriching their gaming experience and expanding their financial knowledge.

Mogaland Alpha - Financial Edutainment World

Live on Apple and Google app stores since late Oct 2023

Mogaland Beta - Companions & More

Coming soon

The "Game" Economy

Mogaland is underpinned by well-balanced economic system that connects every aspect of Mogaland. Mogaland starts with five main groups of mechanisms connected to the economics:

  1. Mini games - live in Alpha

  2. Tournaments - live in Alpha

  3. Companions - coming in Beta

  4. Dojo (academy) - roadmap

  5. Community - live on Discord

Each group of economic mechanism relies on interconnected resources to achieve learner reach, short term enjoyment, long term progression and/or learning motivation; all of which advance learners position on their goal achievement journey to maximize the collective financial literacy.

Resources won in mini games are the main inputs for the game economy, which flow into pets (companions), Dojo (the academy) and tournaments activities. Evolving companions motivates learners to be more active in mini-games, academy, and tournaments, all while community rewards encourage learners to contribute to the growth of learner number, and to the improvement of Mogaland. (See high level diagram underneath.)

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