Beta - From Web2 Edutainment to Web3

Mogaland Beta offers the following exciting upgrades:

Companions, food, breeding

Integrating a companion system into financial edutainment mini-games adds a exciting layer of engagement to the learning experience. The symbiotic relationship between the user and their in-game companion creates a sense of responsibility and attachment, making the educational journey more enjoyable.

When learners win in mini-games, they will earn foods of varying rarities, which serves as a crucial resource for feeding and nurturing their companions, facilitating their growth and development. Once companions reach a certain level, companions can be minted into NFTs, which can provide additional utilities & financial rewards to learners, such as breeding, trading and higher $MOGA staking rewards!

For those who go above and beyond, achieving exceptional feats within Mogaland (and having their wallets connected), there lies the chance to receive unique companion NFTs airdrops.

The introduction of breeding enhances the gameplay, providing an additional layer of strategy and excitement. Beyond trading, players can opt to breed their companions, leading to the emergence of new generations with unique stat combinations and inherited characteristics. This multi-faceted approach not only makes the experience entertaining but also profoundly enriches users' understanding of financial concepts through hands-on, interactive gameplay.

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