Mogaland Lore

Official Mogaland White Paper, last updated 13 April 2023

🏰 A Unique Defend & Rebuild Adventure that Puts Your Real-Life Financial Skills to the test

Mogaland is a realm where financial dreams and gameplay intertwine.
Once upon a time, in the enchanting archipelago of Mogaland, there was a place where the inhabitants were renowned for their financial prowess. They possessed a remarkable aptitude for wealth creation, each person navigating their path to prosperity. Yet, there was a darker side to this financial acumen.
In their pursuit of success, the people of Mogaland had become fiercely competitive and, some might say, downright greedy. It was a land where the motto was "every man for himself," and the financial markets resembled a scene from the "Wolf of Wall Street." The pursuit of wealth had turned into an all-consuming frenzy, and the sense of community and cooperation had eroded away.
As the inhabitants of Mogaland became more consumed by their insatiable desire for riches, a storm of selfishness and avarice began to brew. The very thing that had once made Mogaland so prosperous had now become its downfall. Eventually, the greed and selfishness reached a tipping point, leading to the self-destruction of Mogaland. The once-thriving islands lay in ruin, a testament to the consequences of greed.
But the tale doesn't end there. Those who had brought Mogaland to its knees couldn't quench their insatiable thirst for more. They transformed into ruthless pirates, scouring the seas, robbing anything and everything they could lay their hands on.
Now, as new arrivals in Mogaland, learners embark on an adventure of financial mastery, bound by the collective goals to maximize Mogaland’s financial literacy and make it the financially smartest place in the whole of universe.
The gears and pets you unlock, save, and trade hold more than cosmetic appeal; they will rewrite the island's fate with their rebuilding and defensive powers.
As the island breathes anew, Bearbossa's specter looms once more, bringing thieving pirates upon your shores. Together, you and other players will defend Mogaland strategically with your collective financial wisdom, helping each other and standing united against the enemies.
Navigating the challenges and victories, a deeper truth emerges: Mogaland isn't just a gaming world—it's a realm where kindred spirits make friends to shared growth and collective financial freedom.