Gold & XP

Engaging in the mini games within Mogaland yields valuable in-game rewards that include gold, XP, and gears. As you dive into these challenges, your performance becomes the key to unlocking better rewards. Here's how it works:

1. Earning Gold and XP

By actively participating in the mini games, you accumulate rewards in the form of gold, XP, and gears. These rewards contribute to your character's growth and enhance your capabilities as you progress.


Initially, gold is employed to access live market tournaments in the Arena, and eventually, it's essential for acquiring equipment, upgrading your home, and managing mortgages.


Accumulating XP empowers you to level up, bolstering your HP and overall capabilities.

2. Climbing the Chest Meter:

Your performance in each mini game directly impacts your progress on the chest meter. The chest meter reflects your achievements and indicates your level of success within the mini game. The better you perform, the higher you climb on the chest meter.

3. Three Levels of Chests:

The chest meter consists of three distinct levels, each representing a tier of achievement:
  • Basic Chest: This is the initial level, showcasing your efforts in the mini game.
  • Medium Chest: Progressing further, you reach the intermediate level, signifying better performance.
  • Advanced Chest: The pinnacle of achievement, the advanced chest represents exceptional skill and mastery in the mini game.

4. Reaping Enhanced Rewards:

Upon completing the mini game, your current level on the chest meter determines the quality of your rewards. The higher the level of chest you attain, the more substantial and valuable your rewards will be. This incentivizes you to strive for excellence in each mini game, as your efforts directly correlate to the rewards you earn.

Connection to Financial Education

From the mini games, learners can learn about the value of hard work and earning money. In the future, learners will also need to learn about how to budget their gold spending in order to be able to afford necessary purchases and other obligations such as mortgage.