Future of Mogaland

A Future of Adventure and Expansion

As the game evolves, anticipate new challenges, mini games, gear sets, and opportunities for honing your financial aptitude. Stay vigilant as Mogaland continues to expand, presenting fresh adventures and engaging experiences.
Future features examples:


🎓 Dojo (Academy)

In the future, Mogaland's Dojo will serve as the hub for all the financial knowledge learners need to excel in gameplay and enemy battles. The Dojo will also offer specific resources to help Mogalanders prepare for games and events. Learners who start early and invest time in preparation will boost their chances of success. Furthermore, the Dojo will provide additional information on topics learners have already mastered in mini-games, taking their learning to new heights. Learners will also earn rewards and knowledge certificates for completing quests within the Dojo.

🔬 Test Lab

The Test Lab is where Mogalanders can explore new mini-game concept proposals from the Mogaland development team. Learners can preview or test limited prototypes and provide ratings. In the future, incentives will be introduced, such as completing testing challenges, to earn rewards. Discover the ever-evolving world of Mogaland and contribute to its continuous improvement by participating in the Test Lab!
In Mogaland, your financial wisdom transforms from a concept into a potent weapon against the encroaching threat of Captain Bearbossa and his animal pirate crew. Forge ahead, explore, master financial skills, and become an indomitable force in this thrilling blend of financial knowledge and gameplay!