Edutainment Mini Games

Engaging Mini Games for Financial Mastery

Mogaland offers an assortment of edutainment mini games, meticulously designed to enhance your financial knowledge and skills, meticulously designed to enhance your financial knowledge and skills. These engaging activities, challenges, and enemy battles feature diverse game mechanics today, like arcade, puzzle, fantasy sports, runner. In the future, learners will find additional game mechanics like match/merge, tower defence and more.

📈 Connect with Live Market

The mini games that not only entertain but also provide opportunities for you to enhance your financial knowledge and market insights. These mini games integrate with live financial market data and connect you to real-world personal financial scenarios for an immersive learning adventure. Whether you're a seasoned finance pro or a curious beginner, our fun gameplays ensure everyone can get in touch with the thrill of financial markets without risking hard-earned savings.

🕹 Mogaland Mini-Games

The list will continue to grow!
  1. 1.
    Treasure Cave Quiz Game: Unlocking Knowledge Amidst Treasure Hunt
  2. 2.
    Chart Rider: Riding the Waves of Real Price Fluctuations
  3. 3.
    Arena Live-Market Tournament: Practice on Live Market Data without Risk