The Creators

Mogaland isn't just a game; it's a vibrant ecosystem where learners and financial education content creators (individuals, teachers or entities) collaborate to shape both gameplay and learning experiences. This unique co-creation approach empowers everyone to contribute, learn, and enrich the Mogaland community, fostering an environment that's both dynamic and educational.
We empower financial learning content creators and financial product & services providers with brand visibility, user acquisition, user engagement, revenues and more.

👥 Who can be a creator?

Individuals or organizations that provide product and services aligned with the vision and mission of Mogaland, for example:
  • Authors
  • Creators
  • Financial communities
  • FinFiuencers
  • Financial education providers
  • Financial education events
  • Retail banks
  • Trading platforms
  • Insurance providers

🌟 Why be a creator?

Mogaland stands out as the only Metaverse game with a dedicated focus on promoting financial literacy, making it a unique opportunity for businesses operating in the financial space. Mogaland learners are not only interested in financial topics, but their gaming engagement also improves their financial literacy, making them better-suited customers for financial education providers and financial service providers. 💼
Financial institutions, financial education providers, and other financial service providers interested in utilizing Mogaland for their marketing and user acquisition strategy can apply to be an ecosystem partner. 📈
Mogaland's experienced team, well-versed in the business, compliance, and technical requirements of the financial industry, will provide streamlined managed services to its ecosystem partners. By establishing a presence in Mogaland, product and service providers in the financial industry can easily expand their digital customer acquisition and engagement channels. 🌐

🎁 How will creators add value to learners?

All the entities and professionals Mogaland identified as potential ecosystem partners are in the value chain of financial literacy, from those who provide textbook knowledge to market analysis to financial products and services. These ecosystem partners collectively contribute to leaners' comprehensive personal finance improvement journey, empowering learners with knowledge and skills that can be utilized to excel at gameplay or extend the rewards beyond those in-game. 🚀