Mogalander Profile

As Mogalanders play, you will gradually collect XP, skills points and certificates, and level up, , all of which reflects your real financial knowledge and skill level. Your Mogalander profile, which aggregates all the achievement information, will therefore be a highly valuable asset for you and for the entire Mogaland community.
These data points can be very valuable for players who want to identify their own strengths and weaknesses, adapt their gameplay behavior or even to adjust their real-world money management decision making and activities. As a community, Mogalanders can rely on each other’s profile to filter the quality and usefulness of information they share.
In the future, you can mint your Mogalander profile into a non-tradable NFT, MogaID, a unique blockchain-based identity that stores your proof of play, your performance, learning progression, financial preferences, risk appetite and your financial literacy level. In other words, you will hold an unprecedented certification that provides your comprehensive behavioural driven financial literacy profile.