$MOGA Token

$MOGA Token has strong utilities and uniquely designed monetary mechanisms to continuously push for token value increase.
$MOGA is a multifunctional utility token, with applications both in-game and in real-world economics. As an asset, $MOGA is low-velocity with long-term store-of-value that incentivizes governance of the Mogaland community for its sustainable evolution.
$MOGA is the basis for the sustainable and continual growth of Mogaland and is therefore the value driver of the Mogaland DeFi ecosystem. $MOGA will be offered to early adopters through reward mechanisms and 3 asset offerings.
$MOGA holders will not only draw value from asset price appreciation and staking yields but also from the community co-ownership and decision-making rights.

$MOGA Supply

Fractions of $MOGA will be available through various stages of asset offerings leading up to the public sale. Upon completion of asset offerings, $MOGA can only be won as in-game or community rewards for financial literacy achievements or obtained through sales by other MOGA token holders in CEXs (centralized exchanges) and DEXs (decentralized exchanges).
Fixed Supply

Value Increase Monetary Mechanisms

There will be unique token governance and monetary mechanisms in place to:
  • trigger token-burning whenever collective learning rewards are unlocked, ensuring that the $MOGA token price positively reflects the level of financial literacy being achieved by Mogaland learners.
  • trigger Mogaland to purchase $MOGA using the fiat revenue generated by Mogaland. This will ensure that the price of $MOGA token positively reflects the overall financial success of Mogaland, and that success is being shared with all $MOGA token holders.
Such mechanisms ensure:
  1. 1.
    $MOGA's value is increasing with the increasing financial literacy generated by the community.
  2. 2.
    Rewarding experiences for both Mogaland learners and $MOGA token holders.

How to get $MOGA?

$MOGA can be obtained in the following ways:

1. Financial Literacy Rewards:

1.1 Collective learning rewards

  • Learning rewards are unlocked for the entire Mogaland community when the collective financial literacy skill point L reaches specific levels.
  • Distribution of learning rewards will be based on $MOGA community governance decisions.
  • Learning rewards will be combined with staking mechanisms to relieve sell pressure and create long-term value gains.

1.2 Creator rewards

  • Creators can participate in financial literacy education content creation tournaments to win $MOGA

2. Community Rewards:

2.1 Learner community rewards

  • Learners will be rewarded $MOGA for community building effort.
  • Leaners will be rewarded $MOGA for collaborative behaviors.

2.2 Ecosystem community rewards

  • Ecosystem partners will be rewarded $MOGA for community building effort.

3. Other issuance:

3.1 Private Issuance:

Mogaland will offer $MOGA token to supporters of Mogaland during 2 stages of private sales. Holding may be subject to a finite amount of lockup and vesting schedule.

3.2 Public Offering

Mogaland will directly offer $MOGA token to the public during a public offering event. Holding may be subject to a finite amount of lockup and vesting schedule.

3.3 Secondary Markets

$MOGA can be bought and sold on secondary markets.

3.4 Staking:

Additional staking mechanisms will be offered and learners and earn $MOGA as staking rewards.