Mogaland will introduce a meaningful token economy that is transparent, robust and rewarding.

Purpose & Design

To further its mission from democratizing financial literacy to democratizing financial rewards, Mogaland will introduce a dual token economic system for its players and ecosystem. Players can decide for themselves, at any part of the journey, to engage with blockchain game mechanics for unlocking additional cryptocurrency-based in-game tokens: MOGA and NFTs.
Mogaland will start with a single token system that is transparent, robust and rewarding:
  • ​MOGA is a multifunctional utility token, with applications both in-game and in real-world economics. As an asset, MOGA is low-velocity with long-term store-of-value that incentivizes governance of the Mogaland community for its sustainable evolution.
Coupled with token utilities and monetary policies designed to:
  • Maximize skill-based rewards
  • Maximize learning motivation
  • Maximize fun and retention
  • Minimize play-to-win
  • Minimize speculation
  • Minimize price volatility
Leveraging Mogaland team's strong economics and financial expertise, Mogaland will continue to ensure that the token transactions:
  • Are for fun and learning (skill-based),
  • Are NOT financial trading (no trading risks),
  • Are NOT gambling activities (not gambling risks).