MOGA Token

MOGA Token has strong utilities and uniquely designed monetary mechanisms to ensure token price increase and token holder's benefits.
MOGA is a multifunctional ERC-20 governance token, with applications both in-game and in real-world economics. As an asset, MOGA is a low-velocity, long-term store-of-value that incentivizes governance of the Mogaland and LRN economy for its sustainable evolution.
MOGA is the basis for the sustainable and continual growth of Mogaland and is therefore the value driver of the Mogaland DeFi ecosystem. MOGA will be offered to early adopters via 3 asset offerings and distributed very rarely to Mogalanders for distinctive achievements.
MOGA holders will not only draw value from asset price appreciation and staking yields but also from the community co-ownership and decision-making rights.

MOGA Distribution

Fractions of MOGA will be available through various stages of asset offerings leading up to Moga Big Bang phase. Upon completion of asset offerings, MOGA can only be obtained through sales by other MOGA token holders in CEXs (centralized exchanges) and DEXs (decentralized exchanges) or earned very rarely as in-game activities reward for distinctive achievements.
MOGA can be acquired in the following way :
  • Private Issuance: The Mogaland team will directly offer MOGA token to supporters of Mogaland during 3 stages of sales private, seed and public. Holding may be subject to a finite amount of lockup and vesting schedule.
  • Secondary Markets: MOGA can be bought and sold on secondary markets.
  • In-game Rewards:
    • Extremely rare in-game rewards for individual distinctive achievements
    • Extremely rare in-game rewards for the entire Mogaland community when the collective financial literacy skill point
      reaches specific levels:
  • Staking: staking reward.

Utilities & Governance

Holders of MOGA will be in the unique position to unlock additional in-game engagements and participate in co-ownership governance processes by voting. MOGA represents voting rights, hence co-ownership and not sole decision-making power. Co-ownership governance processes will apply to, but not be limited to, decision-making around the community code of conduct, financial influencer application approval, new game feature priorities and token-reward design for special events.
In-game payments
Players can use MOGA to make in-game payments.
NFT purchases
Players can use MOGA to purchase tokenized in-game assets (NFTs).
In-game NFT trading
Players can use MOGA to trade tokenized in-game assets (NFTs) with each other.
Learn-to-Earn Rewards
𝐿=𝑖=1𝑛𝑆𝑘𝑖𝑙𝑙𝑝𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑖𝐿= ∑𝑖=1𝑛𝑆𝑘𝑖𝑙𝑙 𝑝𝑜𝑖𝑛𝑡𝑖
�= ∑�=1������ ������reaches specific milestones, additional MOGA tokens will be unlocked and made available as additional reward opportunities for the players.
Governance & Voting
MOGA is a governance token that can be used to influence and vote on decisions around Mogaland features, content, prize pools, community governance and ecosystem partnerships. Specifically, we are looking to build decentralized decision-making, by voting, in areas such as:
  • Game features to add / improve,
  • Financial knowledge to add / improve,
  • Community code of conduct,
  • Community events,
  • Distribution of reward pools,
  • NFT features,
  • Financial influencer application approvals.
  • Ecosystem partner selection processes.
MOGA holders will also be prioritized to receive invitations to roundtable discussions with Mogaland community representatives and the Mogaland development team for the co-creation of future Mogaland content.
MOGA holders can stake MOGA tokens by agreeing to lock a staked amount in a smart contract, which cannot be used during the staking period. Staking will be incentivized with additional rewards and benefits such as, crypto-revenue sharing, access rights, voting advantages, etc.
Island purchase
Qualified community members or ecosystem partners can purchase island-NFTs with MOGA and create monetization opportunities on their island. A portion of fees generated through these island sales will be dedicated to staking reward and the maintenance and growth of the wider ecosystem.
Sponsorship & Advertising
Commercial opportunities, sponsorships, and advertisements will be available throughout Mogaland using the native utility token. A portion of fees generated through these sponsorship and advertising opportunities will be dedicated to staking reward and the maintenance and growth of the wider ecosystem.
Real Yield
MOGA stakers and holders who fulfil holding criteria will be entitled to crypto-revenue shares.
Value gains
All MOGA holders will benefit from value gains created by the rigorous economics balancing and deployment of monetary mechanisms by the experienced and committed Mogaland team.

Monetary Mechanism & Valuation

There will be unique token governance and monetary mechanisms in place to:
  • Trigger token burning once the collective financial literacy skills point
    reaches specific levels, ensuring that the MOGA token price positively reflects the level of financial literacy being achieved by Mogaland players.
  • Trigger token buy-backs using the fiat revenue generated by Mogaland. This will ensure that the price of MOGA token positively reflects the overall financial success of Mogaland, and that success is being shared with all MOGA token holders.
Such mechanisms ensure rewarding experiences for both Mogaland players and MOGA token holders.