Mogaland requires no upfront payment and generates revenue from reward ads, in-app purchases, token / NFT sales and business partnerships.
Mogaland will offer leaners a range of playable resources as rewards, purchasable and tradable, to provide learners with short-term enjoyment and long-term progression, and to motivate desirable behaviors such as play-to-learn, grow the learner community, and increase collective skill point.
Most of the in-game resources come from the mini-games, with exception of exclusive NFT sales and rare resource drops in the community. Learners can directly purchase resources with fiat money from the Mogaland shop, purchase from other learners in the in-game gears market, or when the resources are tokenized assets, purchase from asset holders in 3rd party marketplaces. Some resources and privileges can also be earned by watching in-game reward ads.
For learners who want to enjoy a free experience, they can opt for watching reward ads to top up in-game currencies, health points, relieve time-pressure or to speed up waiting time.
For leaners who would like to expand their experiences, they can choose to purchase in-game goods, such as Gold, gears, skins and more.
For learners who want to take their engagement to the DeFi level, they can connect their wallet, buy/win NFTs, participate in NFT trading or join special tournaments where they can have a chance to win token-based learning rewards.
In additions to its relationship with learners, Mogaland also offer opportunities to qualified creators to become partners, where Mogaland is expected to generate economic values.
It is important to note that as a part of it's sustainable value increase monetary mechanism, Mogaland is committed to allocate up to 25% of its fiat revenue to the $MOGA token every time the collective financial literacy skill point, L, reaches defined milestones.