Mogaland Economy

Mogaland is the first ESG concept leveraging a game-based ecosystem, encompassing web2 and web3, dedicated to the purpose of financial education, increasing financial literacy and financial inclusion.

Goals of the Economy

Main Goal

In line with its mission to create a collaborative & inclusive community that builds financial freedom together, the main goal of Mogaland's economy is to maximize the collective financial literacy skill point, L, achieved by its entire learner community.
By maximizing the collective financial literacy, denoted as "L," the community can unlock a greater array of rewards and steadily progress towards achieving financial freedom. What will start as an individual’s quest to grow one’s knowledge will evolve into a community effort to balance personal advancement and helping others to advance.


1. Maximize the reach to learners

To maximize the total amount of financial literacy that Mogaland can help to achieve in the world, hence, to maximize L, Mogaland must also endeavors to maximize the number of learners. Therefore, the Mogaland economy balances between the permanent availability of free access and the optional premium features. This balance helps maintain Mogaland’s effort in financial inclusion while keeping the economics sustainable.

2. Provide short-term enjoyment and long-term progression for the learners

The game-based learning in Mogaland will expose learners to participate in mini games, complete tasks, overcome challenges to accumulate their own skill points. These will sometimes come in fun and emotional activities such as time-sensitive quests, enemy battles or defense challenges, requiring making and spending in-game currencies, collecting and trading gears.
Naturally, the Mogaland economy aims to align the supplies of in-game currencies and gears with demands to provide a sense of short-term enjoyment as well as long-term progression for the learners.

3. Motivate learning with emotional and monetizable rewards

Unlike any other learning experiences, Mogaland serves a purpose beyond enjoyment and monetization, it is to enable learning of personal finance skills through play. Therefore, the Mogaland economy operates upon various principals that reward learning efforts and learning achievements, to individuals and cooperative groups.
Given that different types of learners are driven by different motivations, Mogaland economy aims to provide both emotional and monetizable rewards to motivate learning.


1. Maximize learning content quality

To maximize the global impact of financial literacy facilitated by Mogaland, the platform will consistently embrace new learning content creators within its protocol. However, it is paramount that this content aligns with the learners' needs. To achieve this, the community will possess the authority to undertake governance actions, allowing them to approve learning materials and provide appropriate rewards to creators. This approach guarantees the overall quality of the educational content, thus furthering our primary objective.

2. Motivate community building & inclusivity

To maximize the global impact of financial literacy through Mogaland, expanding the number of learners is an equally vital metric. Hence, Mogaland will not only incentivize creators for producing high-quality educational content but also for their contributions to community building, which includes welcoming more learners and fostering diversity and inclusivity within Mogaland.