Mogaland Economy

A Fit-for-Purpose Economy

To democratize financial literacy, it is especially crucial for Mogaland to maximize its “reach” - the total number of players who would access Mogaland - in its initial years. Therefore, the economics outlined in this paper is designed to:
  • Free to play: maximize the reach to players,
  • Play to learn: maximize player retention with instant enjoyment and rewards,
  • Learn to earn: foster long-term relationship with habit-building activities and gradual increases in difficulty and complexity of the economics.
To deliver the most rewarding free-to-play, play-to-learn and learn-to-earn player experience, Mogaland is underpinned by well-balanced economics supported by both in-game and blockchain mechanics. The Mogaland economy is driven by in-game digital assets in combination with a blockchain-based token which drive Mogaland’s single token system (MOGA).
  • Resources | In-game rewards (not on blockchain)
  • MOGA | Governance token (on blockchain)
Since Mogaland is an evolving game, the economics of Mogaland will also continuously extend following the development of the game story, mini game mechanics, Mogalander community expectations and ecosystem growth.Naturally, players and token holders could expect the Mogaland development team to monitor and facilitate the evolution of Mogaland economics with the goal to maintain the decentralized.