Official Mogaland White Paper, last updated 24 January 2023
In a faraway world, there’s a flourishing decentralized financial Wizdom called Mogaland.

Wizdom = wiz + kingdom

The people of Mogaland, Mogalanders, engage in fun games to generate financial literacy and share their financial wisdoms collaboratively amongst each other, to grow the community, and to grow Mogaland.
Mogalanders can gradually upgrade their characters and properties with in-game assets like game resources, gears and pets they collect via playing in different mini games. All mini games provide either real financial knowledge or a live connection to financial markets, therefore by playing, you can gradually and intuitively learn or validate your skills with real-world challenges.
Furthermore, you can participate in financial skill-based tournaments to compete against other players to win in-game assets, badges or even product & services from Mogaland’s ecosystem partners, for example a 1-year subscription to a financial magazine, investment courses or a discount for financial advisory service.
However, this beautiful Wizdom is not without enemies. Envious of Mogaland’s vibrance and richness in financial literacy, Captain Bearbossa and his animal pirates are eager to conquer it by force and extract all of Mogaland’s financial literacy for himself and his pirates’ private use.
If Bearbossa and his pirates succeed, they will end the decentralization, stop the growth of financial literacy and eventually destroy Mogaland entirely. Therefore, all Mogalanders must share the responsibility to defend their Wizdom and battle against animal pirates.
As you level up and upgrade your character and property, you will attract more and tougher enemies, therefore you must keep up your defense and attack powers by improving your financial literacy. In return for successful combat, Mogalanders win in-game rewards and recognition.