Welcome to the captivating realm of Mogaland, a world where your financial prowess is your greatest asset. In this immersive game, your ultimate objective is to maximize the collective financial literacy of the entire player community. Financial literacy will be represented by L ,also known as skill point.

🐻 Rise of Captain Bearbossa and the Animal Pirates 🏴‍☠️

Enter the stage, Captain Bearbossa, at the helm of a troop of animal pirates. These pirates are envious of the remarkable financial acumen displayed by Mogalanders. Captain Bearbossa, a fearsome bear with a penchant for treachery, is determined to thwart your progress and pilfer your hard-earned wealth.

👾 Grow Financial Literacy, Collect Valuables, Build & Defend

While you navigate through this journey of financial matery, you'll build your dream home, gather valuable assets, and defend them against a cunning and envious foe, Captain Bearbossa. Find out what you will encounter along the way: