Ecosystem Partners

Mogaland will create selected partnerships to form an ecosystem that benefits players and supports the business growth of Mogaland. Unlike other open-world games that allow any content creator to participate in their ecosystem, Mogaland will only collaborate with qualified partners who can offer quality learning content, meaningful engagement, and valuable prizes to our players. 🏆

🌟 Why be an ecosystem partner?

Mogaland stands out as the only Metaverse game with a dedicated focus on promoting financial literacy, making it a unique opportunity for businesses operating in the financial space. Mogaland players are not only interested in financial topics, but their gaming engagement also improves their financial literacy, making them better-suited customers for financial education providers and financial service providers. 💼
Financial institutions, financial education providers, and other financial service providers interested in utilizing Mogaland for their marketing and user acquisition strategy can apply to be an ecosystem partner. 📈
Mogaland's experienced team, well-versed in the business, compliance, and technical requirements of the financial industry, will provide streamlined managed services to its ecosystem partners. By establishing a presence in Mogaland, product and service providers in the financial industry can easily expand their digital customer acquisition and engagement channels. 🌐

👥 Who can be an ecosystem partner?

Organizations that provide product and services aligned with the vision and mission of Mogaland, for example:
  • Financial education providers
  • Retail banks
  • Trading platforms
  • Financial communities
  • Insurance providers

🎁 How will ecosystem partners add value to players?

All the entities and professionals Mogaland identified as potential ecosystem partners are in the value chain of financial literacy, from those who provide textbook knowledge to market analysis to financial products and services. These ecosystem partners collectively contribute to Mogalanders' comprehensive personal finance improvement journey, empowering players with knowledge and skills that can be utilized to excel at gameplay or extend the rewards beyond those in-game. 🚀
Values that ecosystem partners could bring to the players:
In-game learning content 📚
Free e-learning platform subscription 🎓
Discount for external learning material 💰
Fiat revenue, for MOGA token buy back 🔁
Free credit for trading account 💳
Licensed financial advisory 🧠
Access to more suitable financial products 📊
Many varieties of tournament prizes 🎁
Collaboration with ecosystem partners may also:
  • Bring new players to Mogaland, which will help with the pursuit of maximizing the accumulative financial literacy skill points and increase rewards to the community. 🌱
  • Bring fiat revenue to Mogaland, which can be used to buy back MOGA tokens and increase MOGA token value. 💹

🌐 Ecosystem Partners