🚀 Be part of Mogaland's player experience enrichment and go-to-market strategy by becoming an Ambassador! Co-create gaming content, products, and marketing campaigns while getting rewarded for your contributions to player engagement and user acquisition.

🎯 Why be an ambassador?

Passionate about financial education and social impact? Believe in the power of gaming to create positive change? 🌍 By becoming a Mogaland Ambassador, you'll be at the forefront of a movement empowering individuals with financial literacy skills while combatting financial inequality 💪.
🎁 Enjoy exclusive benefits, early access to new partnership features, and special rewards for your contributions. Showcase your advocacy for financial literacy and social impact, build your personal brand, and expand your reach through our game-based platform. 📢 Share your experiences, insights, and testimonials with our community, on social media, and at industry events, amplifying your voice and making a meaningful difference.

🌐 Who can be an ambassador?

Professionals with established following in the financial literacy space, who creates and promotes content that are
aligned with the vision and mission of Mogaland. For example:
📰 Financial journalists
📈 Financial influencers
👩‍🏫 Financial educators
🎤 Motivational speakers
📊 Financial advisors

💡 How will ambassadors add value to players?

  • Attractive co-branded products
  • Cool tournament prizes
  • Enhanced player experience
  • Fiat revenue for MOGA token buybacks
  • Increased engagement
  • In-game learning content